My early novels were all published under the name Jean Simon. Most can still be found on for, in most cases, pennies. Several years ago I went back to my maiden name, Jean Tennant. All of my writing is now published under this name, which I intend to keep for the rest of my life, and I urge all you young women out there to keep your maiden name when you get married. It's the name you were born with, went to school with - be proud of it!

After the first Silhouette YA romance, "Playing House," my other novels were categorized as horror; however, I always believed they were more a horror/romance hybrid. The rights to some of them reverted back to me after they were out of print for seven years. "Wild Card" is one of those; I'm currently reworking it with the intention of releasing it as an e-book. It needs some editing, and I'll do some much-needed updating. It was published more than fifteen years ago, so it's very dated. Seems strange, as I re-read it, to encounter teenagers with no mention of cell phones, IM-ing, or even the Internet. So it will undergo a facelift before it's ready for the public eye. But I always did love the story, so I'm looking forward to working on it again.


"Playing House" was published in 1986 by Silhouette. A YA novel, it was my first full-length work to be published.


 "Descendants," published by Pageant Books, appeared in 1989. It embraced my love of the horror genre.

About a haunted radio, "Darksong" was the first of my five books to be published by Kensington. It came out in 1990.

"Wild Card"(1991) is one of my favorites. It explores families and the destructive nature of secrets... as well as a very special deck of Tarot cards.

"Sweet Revenge" also came out in 1991. That was a busy year for me.

Another favorite, "Orphans" appeared in 1992. It was another story about families, lies and the way long-held secrets can come to light at the most inopportune times.

Published in 1994, "Ghost Boy" was just what it sounds like... a traditional ghost story.

"Dark Seduction" was an anthology in which one of my short stories appeared. Published by Kensington, it debuted in 1993.